Zuchu’s “Sukari”: East Africa’s First Female Artist with 100 Million YouTube Views

Tanzanian music sensation Zuchu has made history! The WCB Wasafi artist is now the first female musician in East Africa to reach a staggering 100 million views on YouTube with her smash hit “Sukari”. This incredible feat firmly establishes Zuchu as a force to be reckoned with.

Diamond Platnumz, the founder of WCB Wasafi and a Tanzanian music icon himself, celebrated Zuchu’s achievement with a heartfelt social media post: “What might seem ordinary is a monumental challenge until you attempt it. SUKARI: Female artist, 100% Swahili song, no features, and 100 million views! This is a huge honor for WCB Wasafi, the music industry, and our country.”

Released three years ago, “Sukari” is a solo track that propelled Zuchu to the forefront of the music scene. The song’s success underscores the growing popularity of Tanzanian and East African music while highlighting the immense talent of female artists within the region.

Diamond Platnumz & WCB Wasafi: Champions for Female Artists

Diamond Platnumz has consistently championed female artists in East Africa, offering them platforms to showcase their abilities. The success of Zuchu stands as a testament to Diamond’s and WCB Wasafi’s commitment to nurturing and promoting talent across the music scene.

Fans Celebrate a Major Milestone

Fans of Diamond and Zuchu have expressed their excitement over this achievement, leaving encouraging comments and congratulatory messages for the artists. They’ve enthusiastically wished for continued success for both stars.

Sample Fan Comments:

  • “Talented ❤️🔥.”
  • “Mashaallah hongera sn 😍🔥🔥🔥🙌.”
  • “Imekuwa faraja yangu ya dhati tangu siku nilipopata bahati ya kufanya project ya sukari, Asante kwa nafasi @officialzuchu uliyonipati pamoja na wasafi nzima!”
  • “Hongera sana Zuchu👏👏👏”

Zuchu: An Inspiration for Aspiring Artists

Zuchu‘s journey to the top serves as an immense source of inspiration for aspiring female artists in East Africa. She has demonstrated that with determination and talent, achieving international success is within reach.


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