Boy Spyce – I Don’t Care ft. Khaid: A Defiant Love Anthem

Get ready to fall head over heels with the latest release from the dynamic duo of Nigerian music, Boy Spyce and Khaid. Their brand new single “I Don’t Care” is a sweet and fiery declaration of love, perfect for soundtracking those moments when you just can’t get enough of that special someone.

A Love that Defies All Labels

“I Don’t Care” isn’t your average love song. It’s got a playful edge, a touch of rebellion. The lyrics tell a story of two people so deeply smitten that societal labels or judgments simply don’t matter. Boy Spyce and Khaid deliver catchy lines like:

“And if them call you Ogbanje I don’t care I don’t care”

Ogbanje, a reference to a mythical shapeshifting spirit in Igbo folklore, cleverly paints the picture of a love that transcends the ordinary. The singers’ message is clear: their love is so strong that even supernatural forces can’t keep them apart.

Infectious Beats and Sweet Melodies

The song’s production is as enticing as its lyrics. A catchy Afrobeat rhythm serves as the backbone, overlaid with smooth melodies and the artists’ vibrant vocals. The chorus is particularly infectious, with repetitions of “I don’t care” emphasizing the carefree, lovestruck attitude.

You’ll also find playful lyrics referencing Ankara fabrics, shisha, and even sweet treats like gelato and burritos—all building a warm, intimate atmosphere and reflecting that feeling of wanting to spoil your lover with the best things.

A Rising Star and a Collaborator Powerhouse

Boy Spyce, known for his soulful vocals and captivating songwriting, continues to solidify his place as a rising star in the Nigerian music scene. Khaid, with his unique sound and popular hits, brings added flavor and undeniable chemistry to this collaboration.

Where to Listen

Make sure to add “I Don’t Care” to your playlist. You can find it on all major streaming platforms []. And if you’re feeling inspired, share your thoughts on the song in the comments below!


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