Korede Bello – Minding My Business ft. Don Jazzy: Get Ready!

Are you ready for a new anthem celebrating the joy of living your life on your own terms? The wait is over! Nigerian superstars Korede Bello and Don Jazzy have joined forces to create the ultimate feel-good banger, “Minding My Business,” and it’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

The Ultimate Self-Focus Song

“Minding My Business” is a delicious mix of self-affirmation and laid-back vibes. With lyrics like “I no dey send nobody” and “Na the work wey dey pay me oh, I dey face on a daily oh,” the song champions focusing on your own goals and ignoring negativity and distractions. It’s about celebrating your successes, protecting your energy, and staying in your own lane.

The catchy chorus, infused with the phrase “Normally Normally,” is an infectious reminder to stay true to yourself and not let the opinions of others sway you. Whether you’re chilling in your “cabana” or gathering that “rabba,” “Minding My Business” encourages you to prioritize your own peace.

A Winning Collaboration

This collaboration between Korede Bello and Don Jazzy is a match made in Afrobeat heaven. Bello’s smooth vocals perfectly complement Don Jazzy’s signature production style, creating a track that’s both energetic and undeniably cool. The two artists have a history of successful collaborations with hits like “Godwin” and “Mungo Park,” and “Minding My Business” is sure to continue that streak.

Where to Stream “Minding My Business”

You won’t want to miss this! “Minding My Business” is available now on all major music streaming platforms. Add it to your playlists, blast it in your car, and get ready to embrace the ultimate ‘mind your business’ attitude!

Get Social!

Let’s make “Minding My Business” a viral sensation! Share your favorite lyrics, create dance videos, and tag Korede Bello and Don Jazzy on social media. Let’s spread the message of positivity and self-focus!

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