Burna Boy Releases “Tested, Approved & Trusted” Remix with Prince Swanny

Grammy-winning Nigerian Afrobeats superstar, Burna Boy, has surprised fans with a fresh remix of his hit song “Tested, Approved & Trusted.” The original track appeared on Burna Boy’s 2023 Grammy-nominated album, “I Told Them.” Now, the hit gets a dancehall makeover courtesy of Trinbagonian sensation, Prince Swanny.

Prince Swanny brings his signature Caribbean flavor to the track, injecting it with an infectious energy that perfectly complements Burna Boy’s smooth, confident delivery. The result is a dynamic collaboration that bridges the vibrant sounds of the African diaspora and the Caribbean.

“Tested, Approved & Trusted” serves as a powerful self-affirmation, with both Burna Boy and Prince Swanny delivering lyrics about their unwavering self-belief and dedication to their craft. The remix not only revitalizes the original song but further solidifies Burna Boy’s commitment to exploring exciting new collaborations and sonic crossovers.

Burna Boy has a reputation for rarely releasing remixes of his work, making this release that much more special. The “Tested, Approved, & Trusted” remix featuring Prince Swanny is certainly a testament to his ever-expanding musical vision.

How to Listen

The “Tested, Approved & Trusted” remix featuring Prince Swanny is available on all major streaming platforms. So if you’re ready for an injection of Caribbean-flavored Afrobeats goodness, search for it now and add it to your playlists!

Social Media Buzz

Fans have been excitedly sharing the news of the remix on social media, praising the unique collaboration. The song is sure to be buzzing on dancefloors worldwide. Stream below;


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