Chike – Egwu Video ft. Mohbad: Directed By Pink

Nigerian artists Chiké and the late Mohbad delivered a street anthem with their infectious collaboration, “Egwu.” Now, fans are ecstatic about the release of the official music video for this vibrant track.

The Essence of “Egwu”

“Egwu” is a Yoruba word that roughly translates to “dance” or “music.” The song embodies the freedom and joy of musical expression. The lyrics touch on themes of defying pressure (“Chike fun won ni pressure”) and a streetwise attitude (“Street orientation”), wrapped in a celebration of life. The term “Imolenization” appears in the lyrics – a unique word likely coined by the artists and now being widely popularized due to the song’s success.

Vibrancy Captured

The long-awaited “Egwu” music video does not disappoint. It showcases the song’s contagious energy with dynamic visuals, bold colors, and spirited dance sequences. It’s a testament to the powerful fusion of Chiké‘s soulful vocals and Mohbad’s raw street-hop energy.

Celebration and Remembrance

While the release of the video marks a celebratory moment, it’s also bittersweet. The tragic loss of Mohbad in 2023 casts a poignant shadow on this work. The video stands as a tribute to his talent and his profound presence in the Afrobeats scene.

The Unstoppable Force of Music

“Egwu’s” lyrics, “Music no need permission to enter your spirit / Anywhere, anyhow, you know say you go feel me” are embodied in the song and its video. The song’s infectious beat, relatable message, and now its vibrant visual component, are a testament to the universal power of music to uplift and connect.

Where to Watch

Don’t miss out on experiencing the energy of “Egwu” for yourself! The official music video is available on YouTube


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