FreshBoys – Emoji ft. Bruce Africa: Produced by Kemet

FreshBoys, the Tanzanian rap crew taking the industry by storm, have just dropped their hottest track yet – “Emoji”. This fiery collaboration with seasoned artist Bruce Africa is sure to ignite the Bongo Flava scene.

Who are FreshBoys?

FreshBoys burst onto the scene in early 2023 and have quickly become a force to be reckoned with. This dynamic quartet consists of Gran Geezy, Tboy Mill, 6ixToogood, and 10K Degreez. Here’s what makes each member a vital part of the FreshBoys sound:

  • Gran Geezy: The master of wordplay, his bars are sharp and loaded with vivid imagery. He’s also the visual mastermind behind the group’s graphics.
  • Tboy Mill: Smooth flows and clever lyrics define this talented rapper and chorus crafter.
  • 6ixToogood: Infuses Bongo Flava with an international flavor, bringing unique slang and a polished sound. He’s also the group’s skilled producer.
  • 10K Degreez: A sonic chameleon, his versatile vocals and distinctive flows elevate the FreshBoys’ musicality to new heights.

The Genesis of a Movement

Before uniting as FreshBoys, each member shone independently on the track “TAKE ONE REMIX” by Country Wizzy. Their chemistry was undeniable, leading to the formation of the crew and the release of their captivating official singles.

Music with a Message

FreshBoys aren’t just about catchy beats. Their music is infused with social consciousness, tackling real-life struggles and celebrating the triumphs of their community. This depth sets them apart in the Tanzanian music landscape.

“Emoji” – A Banger is Born

The addition of Bruce Africa’s artistry to “Emoji” takes the track to the next level. This fiery collaboration seamlessly blends the fresh energy of FreshBoys with the experience and vocal prowess of Bruce Africa. The result is a musical explosion bound to top the Bongo Flava charts.

The Future is Fresh

The release of “Emoji” marks another milestone in the unstoppable rise of FreshBoys. They are more than musicians; they embody a movement – a voice for the youth of Tanzania, expressed through raw talent and a passion for meaningful music.

Listen Now!

Ready to experience the heat of “Emoji”? Find the track on all major streaming platforms and let FreshBoys and Bruce Africa take over your playlist.


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