Chino Kidd – Mtakoma ft. DJ Msabato & Big Joh: A Fiery Amapiano Anthem

Amapiano, the infectious South African house music subgenre, is rapidly taking over Tanzania’s music scene. Rising stars Chino Kidd, DJ Msabato, and Big Joh have just ignited the scene with their electrifying collaboration “Mtakoma”. This powerful new track isn’t just about killer beats – it’s a battle cry for artists facing down the haters on their road to success.

From the Dancefloor to the Mic

Chino Kidd’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance. Before finding his voice as a singer, he honed his skills as a dancer. Now, he’s using those energetic roots to fuel his musical fire. “Mtakoma” reflects Chino Kidd’s relentless drive, brushing off any negativity that comes his way on the path to stardom.

“Haters Gonna Talk, But We Keep Walking”

The lyrics of “Mtakoma” are a defiant middle finger to those who try to tear down ambition. Chino Kidd, DJ Msabato, and Big Joh aren’t wasting time on the haters – they’re focused on the grind. The message is clear: even if the critics keep talking, they won’t be stopped.

Amapiano Beats that Fuel the Fire

The amapiano instrumental behind “Mtakoma” creates the perfect backdrop for this bold declaration of independence. The pulsing beat, soulful melodies, and signature log drums create an energy that’s impossible to ignore. This sound mirrors the artists’ unstoppable determination, pushing them (and the listeners) to keep moving forward.

Get Ready to Dance (and Fight the Haters)

“Mtakoma” is more than just a song – it’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever faced doubt or negativity. Whether you’re a dancer, a singer, an entrepreneur, or just someone chasing your dreams, this track will remind you to ignore the noise and focus on your goals.

So, the next time those haters try to bring you down, crank up “Mtakoma” and let Chino Kidd, DJ Msabato, and Big Joh fuel your fire. Blast those amapiano beats and dance like nobody’s watching. Remember, the only way they can stop you is if you let them.

Where to Find “Mtakoma”

Ready to add this inspiring anthem to your playlist? Stay tuned! Stream it below;

Let me know what you think of “Mtakoma” once you have a listen!


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