Moses Bliss – Carry Am Go: New Love Anthem

Nigerian gospel sensation Moses Bliss is back with a track that’s sure to melt hearts. His latest release, “Carry Am Go,” is a beautiful ode to love and finding that special someone who completes your world. This song quickly promises to become a favorite at weddings and celebrations.

Love at First Sight

“Carry Am Go” paints a vivid picture of being utterly smitten. Moses Bliss’s lyrics are playful, joyful, and full of gratitude for finding his soulmate. He sings:

“Have you seen my babe Have you seen my love Have you seen my woman My personal gift from God”

The song bursts with the kind of excitement and contentment that comes when you know you’ve found “the one”.

A Precious Jewel

Moses Bliss emphasizes the feeling of being blessed with an amazing partner:

“God so love the boy bless me with a precious Jewel I don find good thing, I’m no longer looking”

This genuine appreciation and recognition of his partner’s value resonate deeply. The song is a reminder that true love is a gift to be cherished.

Unbreakable Bond

Beyond the initial infatuation, “Carry Am Go” highlights the commitment and strength of their bond. Moses Bliss declares:

“I go carry am go Carry am go Na you wey get my heart Nothing go tear us apart”

This determination and promise of lasting love make the song both heartwarming and inspiring.

Get Ready to Dance

“Carry Am Go” isn’t just a sweet ballad; it’s got an infectious beat that will get people on their feet. With its upbeat tempo and celebratory feel, this is a song designed to be shared at joyous occasions.

Where to Listen

You can find “Carry Am Go” on all major streaming platforms as part of Moses Bliss’s “Love Testament” EP. Be sure to add this gem to your playlist for a dose of love, joy, and a reason to move to the music.

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