Dan Dizzy – Oppress Ft. ODUMODUBLVCK, Jeriq & DTG: Explosive New Anthem

In the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian music, artists continue to push the boundaries, exploring new sounds and delivering impactful messages through their work. One such artist making waves is Dan Dizzy, and his latest release, “Oppress,” featuring ODUMODUBLVCK, Jeriq & DTG, is a testament to his lyrical prowess and ability to captivate audiences. Let’s dive into the intricate details of this explosive track that has taken the music scene by storm.

Verse 1 – DanDizzy’s Unapologetic Grind:

DanDizzy kicks off “Oppress” with a relentless energy, delivering verses that reflect his unapologetic grind and determination. The lyrics convey a narrative of resilience, as he tackles the struggles of chasing success in a society where the competition is fierce. Lines like “People wey no get shingbai na them de loud as fuck” highlight the artist’s self-confidence and refusal to be silenced.

Chorus – A Catchy Refrain of Desires and Conflicts:

The infectious chorus of “Oppress” echoes the desires and conflicts faced by many in their pursuit of success. The repetition of “Wetin I need, the cash the girls, wetin I love, the sex the flex” paints a vivid picture of the hedonistic desires intertwined with the struggles of overcoming obstacles. The juxtaposition of love, pleasure, and the haunting memories of past relationships creates a compelling tension within the song.

Verse 2 – ODUMODUBLVCK’s Commanding Presence:

ODUMODUBLVCK takes the baton with a commanding presence, offering a unique flavor to the track. His verses are laced with imagery, seamlessly blending the traditional and the contemporary. “Cock my kala but I came with the boys, all of them go tuwama” showcases a mix of street language and cultural references, giving listeners a glimpse into ODUMODUBLVCK’s storytelling prowess.

Chorus (Reprise) – Reinforcing the Theme:

The chorus returns, reinforcing the central theme of the song. The repetition of the desires for cash, love, and pleasure is both a celebration and a commentary on the complexities of life. The inclusion of the phrase “my ex de ball de ball oppress oppress” adds a layer of introspection, suggesting that the pursuit of happiness is often hindered by the ghosts of past relationships.

Verses 3 and 4 – Jeriq and DTG’s Unique Contributions:

Jeriq and DTG add their distinct voices to the narrative, each bringing a fresh perspective to the track. Jeriq’s verses are laced with street credibility and an unwavering determination to succeed. DTG, on the other hand, injects a dose of reality, addressing personal dislikes and offering advice, creating a well-rounded collaborative effort.


“Oppress” stands as a testament to the synergy created when talented artists come together to craft a powerful piece of music. Dan Dizzy, ODUMODUBLVCK, Jeriq, and DTG deliver a track that not only showcases their individual strengths but also highlights the rich diversity of the Nigerian music scene. With its catchy hooks, dynamic verses, and resonant themes, “Oppress” is undoubtedly a must-listen for anyone looking to experience the vibrancy of contemporary African music.

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