Vijana Barubaru (V-BE) – Nowe: Baki Na Mimi Song! Listen

Kenyan artist Vijana Barubaru, also known as V-BE, takes us on a journey of love and commitment with his latest single, “Nowe.” This Swahili love song transcends linguistic barriers with its soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics, painting a vivid picture of unwavering devotion.

From the start, the song sets a relatable scene. “Tuanze na nyumba ya mabati / Tuchome dondo chapati,” V-BE sings, depicting simple beginnings in a tin-roofed house with flatbread meals. Yet, the focus isn’t on material wealth but on building a strong foundation of love.

The powerful chorus rings out, “Nowe, nowe, nowe / Kairetu gakwa nowe, nowe, nowe / Baki na mimi, baki na mimi / Nowe, nowe, nowe,” meaning “I love you, I love you, I love you / Stay with me, stay with me / I love you, I love you, I love you.” This repetitive chant emphasizes the depth and sincerity of his love.

V-BE doesn’t shy away from promises. He vows to shower his love with material comforts – a “gari utadrive bima” (car you’ll drive confidently) and “nyumba utadunga ni versaci ma” (house you’ll decorate in Versace). But these gestures pale in comparison to the unconditional love he offers: “Hela, zikithela / Mfuko itoboke kuwa tailor / Hapana choma picha choma vela / Give me real love bila error” (Even if things get tough, my pocket will become your tailor / No fake love, full of errors / Give me real love without error).

The song isn’t just about grand declarations; it’s about the journey. “Mi nikiwa chini hukunilenga / Tunapanda juu unanijenga” (You lifted me when I was down, you built me up as we rise together). This vulnerability and appreciation paint a picture of a love that thrives through thick and thin.

“Nowe” ends with the chorus echoing once more, leaving a lasting impression of devotion and commitment. It’s a love song for the ages, transcending language and cultural barriers with its universal message of love’s enduring power.

So, grab some headphones, stream “Nowe” on Spotify, and let V-BE’s Swahili soul serenade you. You might just find yourself singing along, “Nowe, nowe, nowe,” echoing the timeless message of love.

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