Diamond and Harmonize Show the Power of Forgiveness: Watoto wa Mama Kizimkazi

In a heartwarming gesture of unity, Tanzanian Bongo Fleva superstar Diamond Platnumz has publicly buried the hatchet with Harmonize. Diamond shared a photo on social media of himself and Harmonize together at the State House in Dar es Salaam. The two attended a futari hosted by President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

The photo shows Diamond and Harmonize greeting each other warmly with handshakes, signaling a new chapter in their relationship. Diamond captioned the image “Watoto wa Mama Kizimkazi” (“Children of Mama Kizimkazi”), highlighting their shared bond despite past challenges.

Diamond’s move was met with an outpouring of joy from Bongo Fleva fans, who have longed to see the two stars reconcile. Many praised Diamond’s willingness to forgive and welcome back Harmonize as an inspiring example.

Harmonize responded gratefully to Diamond, commenting “Thank you very much Elder of WCB” on the photo. This moment marks a hopeful new beginning for the relationship between Diamond and Harmonize, giving fans cause to anticipate future collaborations.

Why This Matters

Diamond and Harmonize’s reconciliation is significant for several reasons. Firstly, the two stars had a public and bitter falling-out that fractured their once-close bond. Secondly, they’re both major figures with huge influence in the Bongo Fleva music scene.

By making peace, Diamond and Harmonize set a powerful example of forgiveness and moving past grudges. Their action has been lauded by community leaders, fellow musicians, and fans alike.

This reconciliation is likely to positively impact the Bongo Fleva scene. It could foster stronger ties between artists and inspire more collaborations. It could also draw in more fans and elevate the music industry as a whole.


The reconciliation of Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize is a milestone moment for Bongo Fleva music. It marks a fresh start for their relationship, delighting fans eager for new music from them.

This act of courage and forgiveness should inspire us all, not just in the music world. By forgiving and letting go of hatreds, we can create a more unified and harmonious society.


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