Irene Robert – Moyo wa Dawa: New Gospel Song Touches Hearts

Irene Robert, a renowned Tanzanian gospel singer, has released a new song titled “Moyo wa Dawa.” The song has resonated with many listeners due to its message of comfort and encouragement.

“Moyo wa Dawa” (which translates to “Heart of Medicine”) explores the internal struggles of the human spirit and how the heart can be a source of peace and tranquility. The song begins with the line, “My heart, there is so much in this world,” acknowledging the challenges and difficulties we face in life.

Irene sings in a soft and soothing voice, urging her heart to be still and find peace. She asks, “My heart, be calm, what do you want me to do so you can relax, what medicine should I give you, my heart? Be calm.”

The song continues with the phrase, “My heart, you are my medicine,” highlighting how even our own hearts can serve as a source of healing and composure. Irene believes that by quieting our hearts and trusting in God, we can find true peace and happiness.

“Moyo wa Dawa” is a beautiful and touching song that offers hope and solace. It encourages people to place their faith in God and seek peace within their own hearts.

About Irene Robert:

Irene Robert is a popular Tanzanian gospel artist. She’s known for her beautiful voice and songs with uplifting messages. Some of her other well-known songs include “Nahesabu”, “Bingwa”, and “Sitalia”.


“Moyo wa Dawa” is a beautiful and moving song that offers hope and comfort. It encourages listeners to trust in God and seek peace within themselves.


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