Dulla Makabila Disses Manara & Zailisa: “Furahi” Ignites Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is buzzing with the drama unfolding between Bongo stars Dulla Makabila and Haji Manara. The embers of this feud were stoked by Dulla’s new song, “Furahi,” which allegedly throws shade at Haji and his recent engagement to Dulla’s ex-wife, Zaiylissa. Buckle up, because this is a story with twists and turns worthy of a Bongo movie.

In “Furahi,” Dulla paints Zaiylissa as a gold digger who abandoned him when his pockets weren’t as deep. He sings about her love for fame and her opportunistic switch to Haji’s side. These lyrics, laced with thinly veiled digs, haven’t sat well with Haji.

Haji, known for his fiery personality, responded with a direct attack. He accused Dulla of resorting to cheap tactics to stay relevant and declared that he won’t back down from a fight. This war of words has sent shockwaves through the Bongo scene, leaving fans divided and Dar es Salaam abuzz with speculation.

What’s fueling this drama? Some believe it’s genuine hurt and anger from Dulla, unable to accept Zaiylissa’s move on. Others see it as a calculated PR stunt, a way for Dulla to capitalize on the buzz surrounding Haji’s engagement. Whatever the motivation, the gloves are off, and Dar es Salaam is holding its breath to see what punches will be thrown next.

But beyond the personal feud, “Furahi” has sparked a wider conversation about relationships, wealth, and fame in Tanzanian society. Is Dulla’s portrayal of Zaiylissa a misogynistic attack or a reflection of harsh realities? Does money truly dictate love and happiness? These are questions that resonate with many, adding another layer of intrigue to this already explosive situation.

One thing is certain: “Furahi” has ignited a firestorm in Dar es Salaam. Whether it’s a genuine clash of egos or a well-orchestrated publicity stunt, it’s a story that’s captivating the city and leaving everyone wondering – what’s the next chapter in this Bongo saga?

So, grab your popcorn, Dar es Salaam. This drama is far from over, and with each new song, interview, and social media post, the plot thickens. Keep your eyes peeled, because in the world of Bongo, anything is possible.

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