FM Academia – Chozi La Mnyonge (Ndanda Cosovo): Jela Mbaya Ni Mateso! Listen

Fans of Injili music in Tanzania are rejoicing over a new song from the legendary group FM Academia, “Chozi La Mnyonge.” This song carries a powerful message about the suffering of the downtrodden and their faith in God.

The Message of the Song

The song begins by describing how the poor are mistreated and ostracized by society. They sing, “Chozi la mnyonge malipo kwa mungu baba” (A tear of hardship is a reward for God). This means that God will repay those who torment the poor.

The song goes on to urge people not to worry about what others say. They sing, “Acha waseme sisi ni kazi mama” (Let them talk, we are working hard). This means that they should not be bothered by the words of those who mock their work. They should continue to work hard and have faith in God.

The Beauty of the Song

This song has a beautiful and captivating melody. It is played at a slow tempo and is accompanied by traditional Tanzanian instruments. The singers’ voices are beautiful and express the emotion of the song.

The Importance of the Song

This song is important because it gives a message of hope to the downtrodden. It teaches them that God is with them and will repay those who torment them. The song also encourages people not to worry about what others say and to keep working hard.


Chozi La Mnyonge” is a beautiful and powerful song. It gives hope to the downtrodden and encourages people to keep working hard and have faith in God.

Listen to the Song

You can listen to the song “Chozi La Mnyonge” on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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