Imuh – Minyama ft. Stevo Simple Boy: Exciting New Song, Listen!

A brand new song called “Minyama” has been released by Tanzanian singer Imuh, featuring Kenyan music sensation Stevo Simple Boy. Produced by Jigedizer, the track blends the unique vocal styles of both artists to thrilling effect.

The song begins with Imuh singing about his deep love for his partner. He expresses how his beloved makes him feel special and how his heart is completely devoted. Stevo Simple Boy enters the song with a captivating chorus that adds to the excitement.

The song continues with Imuh describing how well his partner cares for him. He sings about how he’s given everything he needs and is treated with the utmost affection. Stevo Simple Boy maintains his energetic chorus, making the track even more enjoyable.

“Minyama” is a love song that captures the genuine feelings between two people. With beautiful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and a lively beat, this track is guaranteed to get people on the dancefloor.

Here are some key highlights of the song:

  • Produced by Jigedizer, a well-known Tanzanian music producer.
  • Features the distinct voices of Imuh and Stevo Simple Boy.
  • Expresses themes of deep love and exceptional care.
  • Offers a beautiful melody, heartfelt message, and an exciting beat.

“Minyama” is available now on all major music platforms. Make sure to listen and experience the captivating sounds of Imuh and Stevo Simple Boy.

Some of the most interesting lines from the song:

  • “She presses me down from above… Her love is like a fighter jet”
  • “Baby, ease up, I’m getting chubby. No more small fish, only treats for me… I’m getting big!”
  • “I’ve come from silence… look, my cheeks are puffed up like I’m blowing fire! I’ve come from silence.”
  • “I borrow love from her like a bank loan, and I never have to pay it back… All day I dive in a salt mine where there’s no sugar to be found.”

Questions for discussion:

  • Do you enjoy the song “Minyama”? Why or why not?
  • What do you like most about this song?
  • Do you think this song will become popular? Explain your thoughts.
  • What message would you like to send to Imuh and Stevo Simple Boy regarding this song?

I encourage you to listen to “Minyama” and share your thoughts! It’s a fun song with a great message about love


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