Mr. Seed – This Year ft. Scar Mkadinali: Kenya’s Song of Hope

Kenya’s gospel scene just got a serious infusion of energy with “This Year,” the hot new collab between Mr. Seed and Scar Mkadinali. This track isn’t just catchy – it’s a full-on declaration of ambition and the belief that THIS is the year we’re all going to make things happen.

Mr. Seed: From Gospel Star to Independent Powerhouse

Mr. Seed (born 1995) is seriously one of Kenya’s most successful young artists. His musical journey is all about dedication and using his gift to spread positive vibes. His sound’s got reach too – he’s not just a Kenyan star, but a force across Africa.

Things haven’t always been easy. Remember when he was with Bahati’s EMB Records? Leaving that label was a huge step, but it let Mr. Seed spread his wings and explore his own sound even more.

“This Year”: Your Motivation Soundtrack

This song is pure Mr. Seed optimism– all about working hard and seeing those dreams become reality. It’s got those hustle vibes, about making money, achieving goals, and being the best version of yourself.

Scar Mkadinali’s feature is the cherry on top. He brings a unique edge that blends seamlessly with Mr. Seed’s gospel roots. The result? A track that’ll get stuck in your head, no matter what kind of music you usually like.

Overcoming Challenges, One Song at a Time

We all know Mr. Seed’s faced his share of negativity, with online trolls targeting him and even his family. But he keeps his head up and focuses on the music. “This Year” is a reminder that even when things are tough, you can turn that struggle into strength. That’s the power of music, right?

Ready to Break Records

Mr. Seed’s tracks always blow up online, racking up crazy streams on Boomplay. “This Year” feels like it’s gonna do the same, or even bigger. He’s an unstoppable force in this industry.

The Bottom Line

“This Year” isn’t background noise. It’s Mr. Seed saying “I believe, and you should too!” This track is for anyone who’s ready to own their goals. Mr. Seed’s faced down haters and kept his faith, and his music is proof that resilience, talent, and a positive mindset are a recipe for success. Get ready – this year, things are about to change.


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