Jay Melody – Baridi Video: Nasikia Baridi Visual Out Now!

Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist, Jay Melody, has dropped a new romantic track titled “Baridi” (Cold). This song showcases Jay Melody’s smooth, unique voice as he expresses deep feelings of love for his sweetheart.

The song begins with Jay Melody singing about how his beloved makes him feel “cold” even when the weather is warm. He describes his intense attraction and longing to be near his partner.

The chorus of the song is incredibly catchy, with the lyrics “Naskia baridi mimi” (I feel cold) lingering in your head long after listening.

In the second verse, Jay Melody sings about his longtime dreams of finding someone like his current lover. He expresses how she brings him joy and comfort and how much he loves her with all his heart.

“Baridi” demonstrates Jay Melody’s artistic maturity. The song is tender and passionate, showcasing his ability to sing about intense emotions in a captivating and heartwarming way.

The “Baridi” Music Video

The song “Baridi” is accompanied by a visually stunning music video. The video features Jay Melody and his love interest enjoying romantic moments together in various beautiful locations in Tanzania.

Directed by Kelly Film and produced by Geniusjini X66, the video was released on YouTube on February 29th, 2024, and has already garnered over a million views.

Fan Reactions

Fans have been ecstatic about “Baridi” and its music video. They’ve been praising Jay Melody’s vocals, the song’s lyrics, and the video’s quality.

Here’s a sampling of fan comments on YouTube:

  • “This song is so beautiful! Jay Melody’s voice is amazing, and the lyrics are so touching.”
  • “The music video is gorgeous! It showcases the beauty of Tanzania and the lovely chemistry between Jay Melody and his love interest.”
  • “Jay Melody is such a talented artist. He keeps getting better and giving us great music.”


“Baridi” is a truly beautiful love song from the gifted artist Jay Melody. It demonstrates his ability to sing about deep emotions in a captivating, heartwarming way. This song is highly recommended for fans of Bongo Flava and great music in general.

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