Jay Melody Releases “Nakupenda” Short Video with English

Tanzanian music sensation Jay Melody continues to captivate audiences with the release of a short video for his immensely popular song “Nakupenda”. This is the second short video released for the track, showcasing the beautiful imagery and heartfelt emotions originally captured in the full-length music video.

A Song of Love and Understanding

“Nakupenda,” a Swahili word meaning “I love you,” is a love song that has resonated with fans worldwide. Recognizing the desire to understand the song’s meaning beyond Swahili speakers, Jay Melody has released a special version of Video Short Version 2 that offers English subtitles. This inclusive move allows a broader audience to connect with the song’s powerful message of love and devotion.

Where to Watch

You can find the new short video for “Nakupenda” on Jay Melody’s official YouTube channel. Be sure to check out the full-length music video as well for a complete visual and emotional experience.

About Jay Melody

Jay Melody is a rising star in the Tanzanian music scene, known for his soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. With hits like “Nakupenda” and others, he is securing his place as a beloved East African artist.

Let the music move you!

We hope you enjoy this new short video for “Nakupenda” from Jay Melody. Whether you understand Swahili or are discovering the song through the English translation, let the music and visuals transport you.


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