Tamimu Hits Us Right in the Feels with New Single “Kammiss X Wake”

Tanzanian singer Tamimu is back with a brand new singeli banger that’s sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever been heartbroken. “Kammiss X Wake” (Missing My Ex) is a raw and emotional track about dealing with a girlfriend who’s still hung up on her former flame.

The song opens with the now-familiar singeli sound – pulsating beats and catchy melodies – but the mood is decidedly melancholic. Tamimu sings about scrolling through his girlfriend’s WhatsApp status only to be hit with a gut punch: a message longing for her ex. The lyrics depict a scene many can relate to – the sting of betrayal mixed with the confusion of why someone you care about would want to go back to a past relationship.

Tamimu doesn’t hold back, calling out his girlfriend for her desire to rekindle the old flame. He questions her promises of making things work with him if she’s out there whispering sweet nothings to her ex. The song is a powerful reminder that mixed signals and lingering feelings for someone else can be a recipe for disaster in a new relationship.

“Kammiss X Wake” is sure to be a hit with Tamimu’s fans, especially those who appreciate his ability to capture the everyday struggles of love and heartbreak. While the music maintains the upbeat singeli style, the lyrics paint a picture of a love that’s on the rocks, leaving the listener to wonder if Tamimu can win his girlfriend’s heart back or if this relationship is destined to fail.

So, if you’re looking for a song that will get you moving while also hitting you right in the feels, be sure to check out Tamimu’s latest single, “Kammiss X Wake.” You won’t be disappointed. Stream below;


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