Khaid – Run Away (Acoustic) Ft. Gyakie: A Heartfelt Plea

Nigerian artists Khaid and Gyakie have released a stripped-down acoustic version of their hit song “Run Away,” and it’s an even more emotionally resonant experience than the original. The track’s raw simplicity accentuates the yearning and vulnerability in the lyrics, creating a truly special and moving atmosphere.

What’s it about?

“Run Away (Acoustic)” is a song about a troubled relationship. The singer is deeply in love with their partner, but they feel neglected and taken for granted. Through the lines “Because you know say na you dey for my conscience na the reason why you dey gara (Hmmm, you dey gara gara gara gara)” the singer expresses his frustration with his lover’s complacency.

The singer pleads with his partner not to “run away” despite his frustration. He tries to entice her with promises like “Omalicha nwa, Wetin dey for you list wey I no fit to buy omalicha nwa” – essentially, he’s willing to do anything for her love.

The Sound: Simple Yet Powerful

The acoustic version of “Run Away” strips away the upbeat production of the original, focusing entirely on the vocals and a simple, evocative guitar melody. Khaid’s voice is filled with a raw, heartfelt emotion that amplifies the vulnerability of the lyrics. Gyakie’s harmonies add a beautiful and haunting layer to the song.

Why You Should Listen

If you loved the original “Run Away,” the acoustic version offers a fresh and even more intimate experience. For anyone who enjoys heart-wrenching love songs with a touch of Afrobeat flavor, this is a must-listen. Khaid and Gyakie’s raw emotions and vocal performances are likely to resonate with anyone who has ever felt frustrated or heartbroken in a relationship.

Where to Find the Song

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