Khaid – Run Away (Omalicha) Video Ft. Gyakie: A Must-Watch Song

Afrobeat fans, get ready to have your playlists on fire! Nigerian sensations Khaid and Gyakie have teamed up for a stunning new track, “Run Away (Omalicha)”, that’s bound to take the scene by storm.

A Blend of Sweetness and Passion

“Run Away (Omalicha)” masterfully blends the smooth, soulful vocals of Khaid with the captivating melodies of Gyakie. The lyrics are a playful and passionate mix of Nigerian Pidgin with English, expressing the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with deep attraction and a sprinkle of doubt.

The word “Omalicha”, meaning beautiful woman in Igbo language, highlights the central theme of the song – a man utterly captivated by the allure of his lady.

Catchy Beats and Infectious Energy

The production on this track is stellar. The rhythmic beat infused with a touch of Afropop is impossible to resist, and before you know it, you’ll be singing along to the chorus:

“Oh baby, no go run away. Look in my eyes you go feel my pain. No tell me say make I run my race. Spin me around like a hurricane”

A Visual Treat Coming Soon

While the audio itself is enough to get you hooked, Khaid and Gyakie have hinted at dropping a music video for “Run Away (Omalicha)” very soon. Knowing their reputations for vibrant visuals, we can anticipate a video that perfectly captures the song’s infectious energy and playful sensuality.

Where to Find “Run Away (Omalicha)”

Mark your calendars because “Run Away (Omalicha)” is available as of [insert release date] on all major streaming platforms. Whether you’re heading into the weekend or just need a mid-week boost, this track is a must-add to your playlists.

More About Khaid & Gyakie

If you’re new to Khaid, he’s an emerging superstar known for his infectious energy and catchy tunes. Gyakie is a Ghanaian singer-songwriter rapidly gaining international acclaim with her soulful voice and relatable lyrics. Their collaboration on “Run Away (Omalicha)” is sure to elevate both artists and thrill fans with its unique sound.

Get Ready to Hit Repeat!

Khaid and Gyakie have delivered a scorcher with “Run Away (Omalicha)“. It’s the perfect mix of catchy and heartfelt, and we have a feeling it’s going to be on everyone’s lips. Are you ready to catch this wave?

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