Kivurande – Moyo Kama Macho (Taratibu): A Taarab ballad About Love

Kivurande Junior is a fast-rising Tanzanian taarab singer who has been making waves in the music scene with his soulful vocals and catchy melodies. His latest single, “Moyo Kama Macho,” is a beautiful ballad about love and heartbreak.

The song begins with Kivurande singing about how his heart is like water, flowing in all directions. He then goes on to say that his heart is strong, but it also causes him pain when he thinks about the person he loves.

Kivurande sings about how he is in love with someone who does not love him back. He is heartbroken and confused, and he doesn’t know what to do. He sings, “Don’t hurt me, I beg you with my heart. Don’t bother me, there are people in town. Don’t hurt me slowly. Don’t bother me so I can get in trouble. In the end, you will hurt me.”

The song is a powerful and moving expression of love and loss. Kivurande’s vocals are full of emotion, and the lyrics are relatable to anyone who has ever been in love.

The Lyrics include:

moyo kama maji upepesa pande zote
moyo unamashiko huzishika hisia zote
tena hunipa mfadhaiko kwa yule nimpendaye
mwenzenu nimepagawa mwenzenu nimechachawa mi kweli namuelewa nikwake nimemzimia moyo taratibu
ucje kuniumiza nas3ma na moyo wangu
ucje kunitatiza mjini kuna vya watu
asije kuniumiza moyo taratibu ucjekunisumbua nikapata tabu
mwisho ukaniumiza*3
mwenzenu nimepagawa mwenzenu nimechachawa mikweli namuelewa
mikwake namzimia moyo kama maji hupepesa pande zooote lalalaaa
moyo na mashine huzishika ica zooote
lalalaa.tena hunipa fadhai kwayule nimpendae tena hunipa fadhai kwayule ni mtakaye oooooooooooh
unamashakaa mooooooyo
tiliiitilili tililimama tililitilili tililimama tilili
mwanangu unatilili nasema natilili
kina mama tilili tilitilitilili tililimama tilili
mwanangu natilili nasema na tilili *3
ale maji maji maji maji*7
ale majimaji ya kisima maji yakunawa maji ya kuoga maji ale majimaji ya kisima maji yakunawa maji
minasema maji chemchem maji
mtwangio twanga katikati ucharibu kinu changu *2 aya yaratibu mi nasema twanga twanga twanga twangq mi
nasem twanga katikati twanga
na kushoto twanga nakulia twanga

The song is also notable for its use of traditional taarab instruments, such as the violin, oud, and kanzu. These instruments create a rich and soulful sound that perfectly complements Kivurande’s vocals.

“Moyo Kama Macho” is a promising new single from Kivurande Junior. It is a beautiful and moving ballad that is sure to resonate with fans of taarab music.

Here are some additional thoughts on the song:

  • The song is well-written and well-performed. Kivurande’s vocals are strong and expressive, and the lyrics are relatable and meaningful.
  • The song has a catchy melody that is sure to stay with you long after you hear it.
  • The song is a good example of traditional taarab music. It uses traditional instruments and techniques, and it is sure to appeal to fans of the genre.

I highly recommend checking out “Moyo Kama Macho” if you are a fan of taarab music or just good music in general. It is a beautiful and moving song that is sure to touch your heart. Stream below;

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