Roma – Nasikia Harufu Video Ft. Chid Benz: A Musical Video To Watch

Tanzania’s music scene has been set ablaze once again with the scintillating release of the much-anticipated track “Nasikia Harufu.” Featuring the dynamic collaboration between esteemed rappers Roma Mkatoliki and Chid Benz, this song is a testament to the vibrancy and diversity of East African music. Produced by the talented Bin Lade from Tongwe Records, “Nasikia Harufu” encapsulates the essence of contemporary Tanzanian rap, offering a refreshing and captivating listening experience.

The fusion of Roma Mkatoliki and Chid Benz’s lyrical prowess in “Nasikia Harufu” is nothing short of electrifying. Their seamless flow and commanding delivery underscore the mastery they possess over their craft, making every verse resonate powerfully. The track’s infectious rhythm, coupled with compelling storytelling, creates an immersive sonic journey for listeners, drawing them into the pulsating beats and vivid narrative woven through the song.

The accompanying visuals for “Nasikia Harufu” are equally enthralling, elevating the auditory experience to new heights. Under the exclusive license to, the music video is a visual spectacle that complements the song’s energy and narrative. The cinematography captures the essence of the streets, blending with the artists’ performances to create a compelling visual narrative that mirrors the song’s essence.

Bin Lade, the fast-rising music producer behind the magic of “Nasikia Harufu,” deserves applause for the impeccable production quality that brings out the best in Roma and Chid Benz’s collaboration. His adeptness in crafting a beat that seamlessly aligns with the artists’ verses showcases his talent and potential in the industry.

The exclusive release of “Nasikia Harufu” on provides fans and music enthusiasts worldwide with easy access to this sensational track. Listeners can immerse themselves in the rhythmic melodies and captivating verses by streaming the song here.

In a musical landscape filled with innovation and creativity, Roma Feat Chid Benz’s “Nasikia Harufu” stands tall as a testament to the prowess of Tanzanian rap. With its infectious beats, powerful lyrics, and visually arresting presentation, this song is undoubtedly set to make waves and leave an indelible mark on the global music scene. Dive into the world of “Nasikia Harufu” and experience the sheer brilliance of Tanzanian musical artistry!”

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