Kontawa – Shida Audio: Explores the Challenges of Dating a “Wild” Woman

Tanzanian rapper Kontawa has released a new song called “Shida,” which explores the challenges of dating a woman who is considered to be “wild.” The song’s lyrics tell the story of a man who is attracted to a woman who is beautiful, but also has a rebellious streak.

In the song, Kontawa raps about how the woman lost her virginity at a young age, and how she is not afraid to speak her mind. He also describes her as being stylish and confident, but also as being a bit of a troublemaker.

The song’s chorus sums up the man’s dilemma: “She’s beautiful, but she’s also a headache. She’s a wild woman, and she’s going to give you trouble.”

“Shida” is a catchy and relatable song that speaks to the experiences of many people who have dated someone who is considered to be “wild.” The song is also a reminder that beauty is not always synonymous with perfection.

Here are some of the specific lyrics from the song that illustrate the woman’s “wild” nature:

  • “She lost her virginity at the age of ten.”
  • “She’s a party girl who loves to dance.”
  • “She’s not afraid to speak her mind.”
  • “She’s not afraid to cheat.”

These lyrics suggest that the woman is not afraid to break the rules or challenge traditional expectations. She is also not afraid to express herself, even if it means being seen as a bad girl.

Of course, not everyone will find this kind of woman attractive. Some people may prefer a more traditional and conservative partner. However, for those who are attracted to the challenge of dating a “wild” woman, “Shida” is a song that they can relate to.

The song has been well-received by fans, and it has already racked up over a million views on YouTube. It is clear that “Shida” is a song that speaks to a universal experience. Stream below;


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