Korede Bello Dedicates “Most Beautiful Girl on the Planet” to the Love of His Life

Nigerian Afropop sensation Korede Bello just dropped his newest single, and it’s got fans across the world swooning. “Most Beautiful Girl on the Planet” is a heartfelt and infectious love song that captures the sweetness and joy of finding your soulmate.

All About Adoration

From the first words, Korede Bello sets the tone of sheer adoration and appreciation for his special someone. The lyrics are filled with vivid comparisons:

“Sunshine that is who you are Everything everything wey you do Just dey give me life.”

The song emphasizes the woman’s transformative effect on the singer’s life, highlighting her as a source of joy, inspiration, and unwavering support.

The Planet’s Most Beautiful

The song’s title says it all – Korede Bello is convinced he’s found the world’s true gem. He playfully declares, “I think I’m looking / At the most beautiful girl on the planet” before retracting to reassure his love, “My girl I’m sure you are / The most beautiful girl on the planet”. This sweet back and forth shows his certainty and the playful dynamic between the couple.

Pop Culture Love

Korede Bello‘s reference to power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé cleverly reinforces the depth of his commitment. This reference adds a playful, modern touch to the song, showing his desire to be his partner’s champion and constant support.

Infectious Love Song

“Most Beautiful Girl on the Planet” boasts Korede Bello’s signature smooth melodies and an Afropop beat perfect for dancing alongside that special someone. It’s no wonder fans are already sharing it with their loved ones; the song is a joyful celebration of love, and it strikes the perfect chord for anyone experiencing that warm, overwhelming feeling.

Where to find it

“Most Beautiful Girl on the Planet” is out now on all major streaming platforms. Be sure to check it out and spread the love! Or you can just stream the song below;


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