Meek Mill Plans to Seek Ghanaian Citizenship

The famous rapper Meek Mill has expressed his desire to obtain Ghanaian citizenship, stating that he is exhausted by the state of affairs in the United States.

In a message posted on his Twitter page, Meek Mill wrote, “I want to get citizenship in Ghana. The U.S. was built on destroying black men who don’t follow the rules.”

This statement comes after Meek Mill was named in a list of celebrities allegedly involved in a romantic scandal with Diddy, who is accused of sexual harassment.

Meek Mill has strongly denied these allegations, stating that he is a victim of racism and the American justice system.

Meek Mill’s move to seek Ghanaian citizenship is not surprising, as several famous Black Americans have expressed their interest in living in Africa in recent years.

These figures include Snoop Dogg, Erykah Badu, and Steve Harvey, who have all cited their attraction to African culture and investment opportunities on the continent.

If Meek Mill obtains Ghanaian citizenship, he will join a long list of famous Black Americans who have obtained citizenship in African countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria.

Reasons Why Meek Mill Might Want to Obtain Ghanaian Citizenship

Several reasons could be pushing Meek Mill to seek Ghanaian citizenship.

  • Racism in the United States: Meek Mill has been outspoken about his experiences with racism in the United States. He has been arrested multiple times for minor offenses and has been sentenced to lengthy prison terms for probation violations.
  • The American Justice System: Meek Mill has been a vocal critic of the American justice system, which he believes unfairly targets Black people. He has stated that the system is designed to imprison Black people rather than rehabilitate them.
  • African Culture: Meek Mill has shown a strong interest in African culture. He has visited Ghana several times and has expressed great respect for the country’s history and traditions.
  • Investment Opportunities in Africa: Africa offers many investment opportunities, especially in the music and entertainment industry. Meek Mill may see an opportunity to expand his business interests and invest in various projects on the continent.


Meek Mill’s intention to obtain Ghanaian citizenship is a sign of his frustration with the state of affairs in the United States. It is clear that he is tired of racism and the American justice system and is seeking a better life in Africa.


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