Zuchu Banned From Performing in Zanzibar for Six Months

The Zanzibar Arts, Censorship, Film, and Culture Council has banned popular Tanzanian artist Zuhura Othman Masoud, known as Zuchu, from performing in Zanzibar for a period of six months.

This decision stems from Zuchu’s performance at the Fullmoon Kendwa event on February 24th in the North Unguja Region. She was accused of singing songs, making statements, and displaying gestures deemed contrary to Zanzibari values.

Omar Abdalla Adam, the executive secretary of the council, stated that the council has a duty to uphold the traditions, customs, and culture of Zanzibar. Consequently, they have officially banned Zuchu from conducting any artistic activities in Zanzibar starting on March 5th, 2024.

Adam asserts that the ban is due to Zuchu’s history of singing songs that lack morality, disregard principles, and are harmful to Zanzibari society. He also notes that the artist has been operating in Zanzibar without obtaining the necessary permits, despite not being registered there.

In addition to the performance ban, Zuchu is required to pay a fine of one million Tanzanian Shillings to the Arts Council. She must also write a letter of apology and guarantee that she will refrain from such actions during the ban.


This ban represents a significant setback for Zuchu’s career. Zanzibar is a crucial market for mainland Tanzanian musicians, and this restriction will undoubtedly impact her income and popularity.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the Arts Council’s responsibility to oversee Zanzibari values and culture. If Zuchu’s actions violated these standards, the ban may be justified.

This incident highlights the importance for all Tanzanian artists to respect the traditions and customs of the regions where they perform. Doing so will help prevent similar conflicts and ensure that art is used to strengthen society instead of undermining it.

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