Mocco Genius Kicks Off 2024 with Success of ‘Mi Nawe’ Remix

Tanzanian producer and singer Mocco Genius has started off the new year in style, celebrating the success of his remix of the song ‘Mi Nawe’ featuring Marioo.

The song, which was released on November 23, 2023, has already been streamed over 1 million times on Audiomack Africa alone. On the streaming platform, the song has been liked over 2,300 times and has been added to over 5,000 playlists.

Mocco Genius is one of the most prolific music producers in Tanzania. His songs, both as a producer and a singer, have made a major impact in the country in recent years.

Based on his success in 2023, it is clear that the ‘Yamenishika Remix’ featuring Nandy hitmaker is poised for even bigger things in 2024.

The Remix’s Success

The success of the ‘Mi Nawe’ remix is a testament to Mocco Genius’s skills as a producer and songwriter. The song is a catchy love ballad with a smooth, laid-back vibe. Marioo’s vocals are smooth and soulful, and Mocco Genius’s production is top-notch.

The song has been a hit with fans across Tanzania and beyond. It has been featured on several popular playlists on Audiomack Africa, and it has been praised by critics for its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics.

Mocco Genius’s Future Plans

Mocco Genius has not yet announced any new releases for 2024, but it is clear that he is planning to continue making music. He has a busy schedule of live performances in the coming months, and he is sure to be working on new music as well.

Based on his past success, it is safe to say that Mocco Genius will continue to be a major force in Tanzanian music in 2024 and beyond.

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