Baba Levo and Mwijaku Among Key Figures in Tanzania’s National Team Hype Machine

On January 3, 2024, the Tanzanian Minister of Culture, Arts and Sports, Dr. Damas Ndumbaro, appointed a special committee to support the country’s national teams. The committee is composed of a chairman, vice chairman, secretary, and 15 members.

The committee’s responsibilities will include:

  • Motivating fans and sports enthusiasts within and outside the country to come out and support the national teams.
  • Coordinating a special fundraising event to support the national teams, which is scheduled to take place on January 10, 2024 in Dar es Salaam.

The committee members appointed are:

  • Theobald Sabi (Chairman)
  • Patrick Kahemela (Vice Chairman)
  • Neema Msitha (Secretary)
  • Beatrice Singano
  • Michael Nchimbi
  • Jemedari Said
  • Nick Reynolds (Bongo Zozo)
  • Hamis Ali
  • Christina Mosha (Seven)
  • Engineer Hersi Said
  • Salum Abdallah (Try Again)
  • Paulo Makanza (Member)
  • Mohamed Soloka
  • Hassan Mohamed Raza
  • Lucas Mhavile (Joti)
  • Oscar Oscar (Mzee wa Kaliua)
  • Prisca Kishamba
  • Burton Mwemba (Mwijaku)
  • Clayton Revocatus Chipondo (Baba Levo)

The appointment of this committee is a positive step by the Tanzanian government to support the country’s national teams. The committee’s efforts to motivate fans and raise funds will be essential to the teams’ success in upcoming international competitions.

In particular, the committee’s role in coordinating the fundraising event on January 10 is important. The event is expected to raise significant funds that will be used to support the teams’ preparations for the 2024 African Cup of Nations, the 2024 Summer Olympics, and other international competitions.

The committee’s appointment is also a sign of the Tanzanian government’s commitment to promoting sports in the country. The government’s goal is to raise the profile of Tanzanian sports internationally and to inspire young people to participate in sports.

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