Otile Brown and Ruby Dazzle in Heartfelt New Release “One Call”

Kenyan sensation Otile Brown has teamed up with Tanzanian songstress Ruby for a deeply emotive new single entitled “One Call”. This powerful ballad explores the complexities of love, the lingering pain of heartbreak, and the ultimate journey towards self-worth.

“One Call” showcases the captivating vocal chemistry between Otile Brown and Ruby. Otile’s smooth delivery assures unconditional devotion, promising to be a constant source of support. Ruby’s vocals then intertwine with Otile’s, expressing a heartfelt plea for connection and understanding.

The track delves into the struggle between what the heart desires and what the mind knows. At its core, “One Call” emphasizes the significance of self-love – a reminder to recognize one’s own value, especially in the face of unrequited feelings.

Why you should listen:

  • Emotional depth: “One Call” resonates with anyone navigating love and its complexities. The raw emotion conveyed by both artists is sure to move listeners.
  • Cross-border collaboration: This collaboration highlights the rich musical landscape of East Africa, blending the distinct styles of Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Message of self-love: The song’s empowering core message about self-worth offers a meaningful and important takeaway for listeners.

“One Call” is a testament to Otile Brown and Ruby’s musical prowess, and its blend of vulnerability and strength is sure to capture the hearts of many.

How to find “One Call”:

Check out the song on below;