Pjay Cruz Unveils Debut Album “Timeless Sound”

Tanzanian singer-songwriter Pjay Cruz, alias Partson Mungai, has stepped into the spotlight with the release of his highly-anticipated debut album, “Timeless Sound.” With five mesmerizing tracks, including collaborations with fellow artists like Young Chii, Pjay Cruz’s inaugural album is a testament to his burgeoning talent and unwavering dedication to his craft.

From a tender age, music coursed through Pjay Cruz’s veins. Inspired by his idols, he began his journey by crafting poems and mimicking the sounds that stirred his soul. As he traversed through school, his passion for music only deepened, culminating in fervent participation in talent shows and music clubs.

High school proved to be a turning point for Pjay Cruz as he, alongside friends Junior Majesh and Rosh, harbored dreams of a musical odyssey. Together, they embarked on a quest to refine Pjay’s musical prowess, spending countless hours in studios sculpting melodies and fine-tuning lyrics.

The year 2015 marked Pjay Cruz’s debut with the single “How I Feel,” which garnered widespread acclaim and ignited a flame of ambition within him. Rather than rushing into the limelight, Pjay Cruz took a deliberate approach, investing time in mastering his sound and identity, ensuring that his debut album would be nothing short of exceptional.

“Timeless Sound” stands as a testament to Pjay Cruz’s journey of artistic evolution. Collaborating with esteemed producers such as Jaywilz, Luffa, Frodo, Randu, and P Problem from across East Africa, Pjay Cruz has curated a collection of tracks that transcend boundaries, capturing hearts with their depth and emotion.

Each track on the album bears the imprint of Pjay Cruz’s versatility and unique musical vision. From the infectious rhythms of “Nipende” to the soul-stirring melodies of “For Life,” every composition resonates with a timeless quality that speaks to Pjay Cruz’s mastery of his craft.

Among the album’s highlights is the collaboration with rising artist Young Chii on “Balling,” a track that seamlessly melds their individual styles, showcasing their chemistry as collaborators and further elevating the album’s allure.

As “Timeless Sound” marks the inception of Pjay Cruz’s musical voyage, it is evident that this is just the beginning of a journey destined for greatness. With an unyielding commitment to his artistry and a talent that knows no bounds, Pjay Cruz is poised to carve his name into the annals of music history, both in Tanzania and beyond.

So, let yourself be carried away by the enchanting melodies of Pjay Cruz’s “Timeless Sound” as he invites you on a transcendent musical odyssey unlike any other. Stream the full album below;


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