Rayvanny Ft. Misso Misondo – Kitu Kizito Video: A Harmonious Collaboration

NLM label boss, Rayvanny has released a brand new video song tagged “Kitu Kizito.” This music video is for the song “Kitu Kizito” by Rayvanny Ft Misso Misondo. The video was uploaded on December 5, 2023 and has 44,254 views and 5,071 likes.

The track “Kitu Kizito” is a testament to Rayvanny’s adeptness at blending rich African sounds with contemporary beats, creating a sonic masterpiece that transcends genres. The fusion of Swahili lyrics with a catchy melody immediately draws listeners in, inviting them on a musical journey filled with energy and emotion.


The video opens with Rayvanny and Misso Misondo singing in the public. The scene then cuts to a group of people dancing in an open space. The video is intercut with scenes of Rayvanny and Misso Misondo performing just like live in the stage.

So, plug in your headphones, turn up the volume, and let the enchanting melodies of “Kitu Kizito” take you on a musical odyssey filled with love, passion, and pure musical bliss.

Here are some additional details about the video:

  • The video was directed by Eris Msava
  • The video was shot in Dar Es Salaam
  • The video was released on 05 December, 2023.
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