D Voice – Lolo Video: A Song of Self-Confidence and Independence

D Voice, a new artist signed to WCB, has released a new song called “Lolo“. The song is in the Bongo Flava genre and deals with the theme of unhappy relationships.

In the song, D Voice speaks to her ex-boyfriend who left her. She is surprised that her ex-boyfriend thought she would be hurt or worried after breaking up with him. She tells him that their relationship was cold and that her ex-boyfriend had no bedroom skills.

D Voice sings, “Kwahiyo ndo unazani labda ningeliaa Ulivyoniacha au labda ningeshindwa kula Au labda unazani ningekunywa sumu Ulivyoniacha au labda ningeshindwa kulala Kwanza lihusiano lenyewe lilipooza Haunajipya style mpya umedoda Maajabu hauna ndani pumzi kidoda Nijinyonge kisa we unawazimu umerongwa”

In these lines, D Voice shows that she is a confident and independent person. She knows that she doesn’t need to worry about her ex-boyfriend.


The song has been very popular since its release. It has received over a million views on YouTube in just one week.

Music Analysis

The song “Lolo” has a fast and upbeat tempo. D Voice’s voice is strong and easy to understand. The lyrics are humorous and catchy.


D Voice “Lolo” is a fun and refreshing song. It’s a great song to listen to if you’re feeling down about love.

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