Matokeo ya Darasa la Saba 2023 Shule Za Msingi

The 2023 Seventh Grade National Examination results were officially released by the National Examination Council (NECTA) on October 16, 2023. The results showed that the pass rate increased by 1.3% from 70.2% in 2022 to 71.5% in 2023.

A total of 1,057,194 students took the exam, of whom 528,520 were girls and 528,674 were boys. 749,516 students passed the exam, of whom 375,064 were girls and 374,452 were boys.

The pass rate for Kiswahili is 88%, with more than two-thirds of the candidates receiving grades A and B. The pass rate for English is 34.35%, which is below 50%. Although the pass rate for English is still below 50%, as it was in 2022, the statistics for this year show that the pass rate for this subject has increased by 5% compared to last year. – Dr. Said Mohamed, NECTA Executive Secretary.

Dar es Salaam region took the first place in terms of pass rate, while Manyara region took the last place.

These results show that Tanzania is continuing to do well in education. However, there are still things that need to be done to improve the pass rate even further.

One of the most important things is to ensure that all students receive a good education. This includes ensuring that students have well-trained teachers, that teachers are given regular training, and that schools have the necessary equipment and resources.

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It is also important to ensure that students are motivated to study. This can be done in a variety of ways, including improving the living conditions of teachers and parents, and encouraging students about the importance of education.

The Seventh Grade National Examination results are important for students as they determine which schools they will attend for secondary education. Students who perform well have a higher chance of getting places at the best secondary schools.

The results are also important for the government as they show how education in the country is progressing. The government can use the results to improve its education plans.



Here are some of the key highlights of the 2023 PSLE results:

  • The overall pass rate has increased by 1.2% since 2021.
  • The pass rate for girls is higher than the pass rate for boys for the first time in history.
  • There is a significant gap in the pass rate between urban and rural areas.

NECTA has also released the following information about the 2023 PSLE:

  • The average score for the PSLE was 53.6%.
  • The highest score for the PSLE was 100%.
  • The lowest score for the PSLE was 13%.

NECTA has congratulated all of the candidates who passed the PSLE. The Council has also encouraged candidates who did not pass the examination to continue studying and to re-sit the examination in 2023.

Here are some tips for students who are preparing for the 2024 PSLE:

  • Start studying early and make sure you are familiar with the content of the examination.
  • Practice answering past exam papers.
  • Get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet.
  • Seek help from your teachers if you are struggling with any of the subjects.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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