Seyi Vibez – Today Video: Asante Sana New Hot Song To Watch!

Fans of the Nigerian Afrobeats scene, get ready to have your playlists on fire! Seyi Vibez has just dropped his latest banger, “Today,” and it’s an instant party starter.

Sensual Vibes and Infectious Beats

“Today” oozes with Seyi Vibez’s signature blend of smooth vocals and infectious rhythms. The lyrics, a mix of Yoruba and English, are playful and sensual, inviting you to lose yourself in the music. Here’s a taste:

  • “You Dey feel me gan ni, I want touch your body too” (You feel me, I want to touch your body too)
  • “Sexy charisma, No Dey do me like that Selina” (Sexy charisma, don’t do me like that Selina)
  • “Today na today, When I cause gobe” (Today is the day, when I cause trouble)

The Perfect Party Anthem

Whether you’re chilling on a beach, grooving at a club, or just cruising with the windows down, this track hits the sweet spot. The beat makes you want to move, and the energy radiates pure joy. Lines like “Yodi leg up and josoke, Loseyi loke loke” will have you dancing along in no time.

A Rising Afrobeats Star

Seyi Vibez continues to solidify his place as one of Nigeria’s hottest Afrobeats artists. With his unique sound and undeniable talent for creating hits, he’s capturing hearts and speakers all over the country.

Where to Find “Today”

“Today” is Available to stream / download: Get it on your playlist, turn the volume up, and enjoy the vibe!


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