Tanzanian Social Media Erupts Over US Hunters’ (Josh & Sarah Bowmar) Controversial Crocodile Kill

Two American hunters, Josh and Sarah Bowmar, Will They be banned from Tanzania after killing a large crocodile? The couple, who are known for their hunting and fishing exploits on social media, claimed to have broken a world record by killing the crocodile with a bow and arrow.

The video and photos of the couple posing with the dead crocodile went viral on social media, sparking a wave of outrage in Tanzania. Many people criticized the couple for killing a protected species and for their lack of respect for the animal.

The Bowmars have defended their actions, saying that they followed all the necessary regulations and that they were respectful of the crocodile. They also said that they were donating the meat of the crocodile to a local village.

However, Sarah Bowmar has also said that she has received death threats from people in Tanzania. She said that she has been called names and that she has been told that she will be killed if she ever returns to the country.

The incident has highlighted the controversy surrounding hunting in Tanzania. The country has a long history of hunting, but there has been growing pressure to protect its wildlife. In recent years, the government has cracked down on illegal hunting and has imposed stricter regulations on hunting.

Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority say they will issue a statement after photos & videos of the killing of a giant crocodile in Tanzania go viral. US couple Josh and Sarah Bowmar, have ignited outrage after claiming to have killed the world’s biggest crocodile in Tanzania.

The Bowmar case is likely to further fuel the debate over hunting in Tanzania.

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