Wurld and Marioo to Release Collaboration

Fans of Nigerian singer Wurld and Tanzanian singer and songwriter Marioo are in for a treat. The two artists have been teasing a collaboration for months, and it looks like it is finally coming to fruition.

Wurld posted a photo of himself and Marioo in the studio on his Instagram story on December 28. The photo was captioned with the phrase “Coming soon.” This is not the first time that the two artists have been seen working together. In June of this year, Wurld visited Tanzania for a show and the two artists collaborated in the studio.

Wurld is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who is known for his soulful vocals and smooth melodies. He has released two studio albums, “Love is Here” and “My Story.” Marioo is a Tanzanian singer and songwriter who is known for his catchy melodies and relatable lyrics. He has released four studio albums, “Marioo,” “The Return,” “The Boy Next Door,” and “The Love Album.”

A collaboration between Wurld and Marioo would be a match made in heaven. Both artists are talented and have a strong following in their respective countries. The collaboration would be a great way to introduce Wurld’s music to a new audience and to showcase Marioo’s talent to a wider audience.

There is no word yet on when the collaboration will be released. However, with Wurld’s post on Instagram, it is clear that it is on the way. Fans of both artists should be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks.

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