Tgun Tozzy Ignites the Scene with “Chapter One”

The Tanzanian rap scene just got a whole lot hotter with the release of newcomer Tgun Tozzy‘s debut track, “Chapter One.” This fiery single is a bold declaration of the rapper’s arrival, showcasing raw talent and an unyielding spirit.

Unstoppable Ambition

From the first bar, Tgun Tozzy establishes his unshakeable belief in his own abilities. “I’ve been rapping since in the womb of my mother,” he declares, leaving no doubt about his lifelong passion for hip-hop. This isn’t just a hobby – it’s in his blood.

With fierce confidence, he challenges any potential rivals, “If you thought of touching me, now you can’t even touch me.” The message is clear – Tgun Tozzy is here to stay, and he won’t be easily dismissed.

Real Talk and Unanswered Hate

“Chapter One” doesn’t shy away from the haters. Tgun Tozzy acknowledges the negativity but remains unfazed. He spits, “You hate me and if you asked why you hate me, you have no reason.” This speaks to the often unjustified criticism that can target rising artists. However, Tgun Tozzy turns that negative energy into fuel for his fire.

Heaven-Sent Stories and Fiery Flows

The rapper’s lyrics boast a unique blend of self-awareness and bravado. He proclaims, “My stories are so popular to haven,” suggesting that his experiences resonate deeply with listeners. And when it comes to his delivery, he promises “flows are fire,” guaranteeing a high-energy performance.

A Force to be Reckoned With

Chapter One” serves as an electrifying introduction to Tgun Tozzy. It’s a statement of intent, a promise of even greater things to come. This Tanzanian rapper is not just another newcomer – he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Get Ready for More

If you’re a fan of Tanzanian hip-hop, or just love discovering fresh raw talent, Tgun Tozzy is an artist to keep on your radar. “Chapter One” is just the beginning – get ready for more heat from this exciting new voice.


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