Top Band Reunion: TID & Q Chief Return with A Love Song ‘Wali Nazi’

Tanzanian music legends TID and Q Chief, originally known as Top Band, have reunited and released a brand new love song titled “Wali Nazi.” The song is a bongo fleva track with catchy lyrics and a smooth beat.

The lyrics of “Wali Nazi” tell the story of a couple who is deeply in love. The man sings about how much he loves his woman and how she is his everything. He also sings about how they have been through a lot together, but they are still going strong.

The song is a beautiful ode to love and perseverance. It is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever been in love.

Some of the song lyrics include:

  • Mwenzenu mimi napendwa (My partner, I am loved)
  • Mwenzenu mimi nadekezwa na mpenzi wangu (My partner, I am cherished by my lover)
  • Walisahasama sana mwisho wakalala lakini bado tupo wote (They forgot each other a lot in the end and they slept, but we are still together)
  • Nakuita we ndo honey, we ndo nyota yangu, we ndo wangu (I call you, you are my honey, you are my star, you are mine)

The song is available to stream on all major platforms.

About TID and Q Chief

TID and Q Chief are two of the most popular musicians in Tanzania. They first came to prominence as members of the band Top Band in the early 2000s. The band released several hit songs, including “Nilikataa”

After Top Band disbanded, TID and Q Chief went on to have successful solo careers. TID has released several hits, including “Confidence” and “Wimbo.” Q Chief has also released several songs, including “Habibi” and “Jah.”

In 2024, TID and Q Chief announced that they were reuniting as Top Band. They released their first new song in over a decade, titled “Wali Nazi.” The song was a huge success, and it has reignited interest in Top Band.

TID and Q Chief are two of the most talented and influential musicians in Tanzania. Their music has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Their reunion is a major event in the Tanzanian music scene, and it is sure to be followed by many more hit songs.


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