Tyla and Tems Release New Song “Number One” About Self-Worth

Get ready to add a powerful new song to your empowerment playlist! “No. 1, Number One” a fiery collaboration between South Africa’s fierce songstress Tyla and Nigerian powerhouse Tems, has finally dropped – and it’s sure to become an instant classic.

A Song About Prioritizing Yourself

“No. 1” is all about reclaiming your worth and making no apologies for putting your own needs and happiness first. With its bold lyrics and infectious beat, the song serves as a much-needed reminder that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with prioritizing yourself.

The lyrics paint a picture of relationships that have lost their spark and no longer feel fulfilling. Both Tyla and Tems declare, “I gotta put me number one,” in defiance of partners who are holding them back.

Tyla & Tems: A Dynamic Duo

The collaboration between these two vocalists is a match made in music heaven. Tyla’s soulful voice and Tems’s signature smooth-yet-powerful delivery elevate the song, creating a dynamic and unforgettable anthem of self-empowerment.

Where to Listen

If you’re ready to turn up the volume and let “No.1” wash over you, the song is available on all major streaming platforms []. Get ready to be inspired, uplifted, and reminded that you are, in fact, number one!

Let’s Discuss

Did “No.1” resonate with you? Do you find self-love anthems empowering? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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