Get Ready to “Jump” with Tyla, Gunna & Skillibeng’s Hot New Track

The dance floors are about to heat up with the release of the blazing new club banger “Jump.” This electrifying collaboration brings together the powerhouse vocals of South Africa’s own Tyla with the smooth flow of American rapper Gunna and the intoxicating vibes of Jamaican dancehall star Skillibeng.

A Global Party Anthem

“Jump” is a vibrant fusion of sounds and styles, seamlessly blending Tyla’s Afrobeat-infused energy with Gunna’s signature hip-hop swagger and Skillibeng’s infectious dancehall rhythms. This dynamic blend makes “Jump” the ultimate party soundtrack that’ll have you feeling the beat from Joburg to Ibiza.

Lyrics That Make You Move

The lyrics of “Jump” are an anthem for those who love to let loose and embrace the music. Tyla sets the stage with her confident delivery, celebrating her unique style and undeniable charisma. Gunna adds his own flavor, dropping verses about luxury and indulgence. Skillibeng brings the Caribbean heat with his trademark dancehall energy:

“Original gyal, you are no replica (No) Smooth, clean, no regular degular (No) Pretty fi real and pretty pon mi cellular (No) Mi know seh yuh hot (No)”

The Perfect Song to Sweat It Out

“Jump” doesn’t just invite you to move – it demands it! The pulsating beat and the infectious chorus will have you jumping, tumping, and backing it up in no time. Whether you’re in the club or just looking to turn your living room into a dance party, this song is guaranteed to get your body moving and your adrenaline pumping.

Where to Find “Jump”

Ready to make your speakers scream with this hot new release? “Jump” by Tyla, Gunna, and Skillibeng is available now on all major streaming platforms. Get ready to add it to your party playlists and let the good times roll!


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