Tyla Unveils Self-Reflective Anthem “Priorities”

South African singer-songwriter Tyla is back with a deeply personal and introspective new single, “Priorities.” This raw, honest track delves into the struggle of trying to please others and the realization that spreading yourself too thin can leave you feeling lost.

The Cost of Trying to Be Everything

“Priorities” opens with a vulnerable confession: “My first mistake/ Thinking that I could be everything.” Tyla’s poignant lyrics reflect on the overwhelming pressure to meet the expectations of others and the self-sacrifice that comes with being a people-pleaser.

The chorus speaks to the consequences of this behavior: “Look how spreading myself thin/ Became my priority again.” It’s a powerful declaration of a recurring pattern—prioritizing everyone else’s needs often leads to personal neglect and a sense of losing one’s way.

Misdirected Energy and Lost Focus

Tyla explores the confusion of being caught in this cycle. “I was in the wrong place with the right energy / High off serotonin and calling it chemistry.” There’s a sense of misdirected focus and seeking validation in the wrong places. The acknowledgment of “good intent, but I admit” adds an extra layer of complexity and self-awareness.

A Moment of Clarity

The turning point in “Priorities” comes with a stark realization: “There wasn’t a line I wouldn’t cross/ Was always down to get you what you want / Saying it out loud makes no sense, but at the time, it did.” This is a powerful statement about losing sight of boundaries and putting others’ needs consistently ahead of your own.

The rhetorical questions “How many places can I be at once?/ How many people can I be at once?/ How many people can I please at once?” emphasize the impossibility and self-defeating nature of trying to be everything to everyone.

A Call for Recalibration

“Priorities” is a beautifully crafted anthem about self-preservation and the importance of setting limits. Tyla’s raw vocals and the song’s evocative lyrics will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled with people-pleasing and losing themselves along the way. This track is a reminder that sometimes, putting yourself first isn’t selfish—it’s necessary.

Where to Find “Priorities”

Tyla’s powerful new single “Priorities” is available now across all major streaming platforms. Make sure to listen below;


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