Spider Clan – Kaveve Kazoze Audio: A Celebration of Kenyan Culture and Identity


The Kenyan popular music crew Spider Clan recently released their new single, “Kaveve Kazoze.” The song is a celebration of Kenyan culture and identity, with lyrics that reference a variety of Kenyan slang, customs, and traditions.

The song opens with the line, “Genje ni genje warazi wamemydi.” This translates to “Genge is genge, the thugs are drunk.” The line is a reference to the Kenyan slang term “genge,” which refers to a group of thugs or gangsters. The line suggests that the thugs in the song are enjoying themselves and having a good time.

The next line, “Ni kumydi tuko fity tuko best tunanawo ni wikendi,” translates to “We’re drunk, we’re fit, we’re the best, we’re having a weekend.” This line suggests that the singers are enjoying their weekend and letting loose.

The line, “Warazi wakimwok tuko pia tukibanju,” translates to “When the thugs are fighting, we’re also there to fight.” This line suggests that the singers are not afraid to stand up for themselves or their friends.

The line, “Rieng kaa ni genje rarua kuchafua madunya, mabanga warazi si mutwache,” translates to “Even if it’s genge, break it up, don’t let the thugs dirty the world.” This line suggests that the singers are committed to keeping their community safe and clean.

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The chorus of the song, “Ni kangere na sidai kukatema, ni kajaba si heri tu nikameze,” translates to “I’m a scorpion and I don’t need to sting, I’m a cobra it’s better I just bite.” This line suggests that the singers are confident and self-assured.

The next verse of the song is a celebration of Kenyan women. The singer sings about the beauty, intelligence, and strength of Kenyan women. He sings about women who are “maunenge” (beautiful), “mami wa maembe na marenge” (mother of mangoes and oranges), “ngesh ngesh” (a woman who is always dressed up), and “mdame wa maform” (a woman who is educated).

The singer also sings about the importance of education and hard work. He sings about his “gal bess” (girlfriend) who is a “.com” (educated woman). He also sings about the importance of cash crops, such as tea and coffee, in Kenya.

The song ends with a celebration of Kenyan culture. The singer sings about the traditional Kenyan dish “sufuria” (stew) and the Kenyan language “Kiswahili.” He also sings about the importance of unity and cooperation.

Kaveve Kazoze” is a fun and energetic song that celebrates Kenyan culture and identity. The song is a reminder of the strength, beauty, and diversity of the Kenyan people.

Here are some additional thoughts on the song:

  • The song’s use of Kenyan slang and customs helps to make it accessible to a wide audience of Kenyans.
  • The song’s message of confidence and self-assurance is empowering for young Kenyans.
  • The song’s celebration of Kenyan women is a positive message that is needed in today’s world.

Overall, “Kaveve Kazoze” is a well-crafted song that is sure to be a hit with Kenyan audiences. Stream below;

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